Resources and Links

Some useful links and other stuff

Data Sources

  • The Groningen Growth and Development Centre: Data on economic growth, productivity and development such as the Penn World Table.
  • FRED Economic Data: Tons of time series provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
  • UN Comtrade: Trade data, very disaggregate by products/countries.
  • ILO Stat: Labor data, employment and earnings, etc
  • IMF Data: The IMF data. Tons about debt, currencies, commodities. Useful for international/macro.
  • World Bank: Covers some development topics: health, education, etc.
  • OECD Data: The OECD data. Lots of cross country data about a variety of topics.
  • IPUMS: Tons of harmonized microdata of different countries + many other US data sets.
  • Eurostat: Lots of micro data from European countries, in many you have to apply access but there are some of public ones too.
  • LIS: Harmonized income and wealth database from different countries.
  • PSID, NLSY, SIPP: US household panel data.
  • World Inequality Database: The “Piketty Data”, tons of cross-country data on inequality.
  • IPEA Data: Brazilian aggregate data and indicators.
  • IBGE and Data Zoom: Brazilian statistical agency and useful source for Brazilian microdata.
  • Our World in Data: Interactive webpage with data from many topics, mostly cross-country and over time.

Computational Resources